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Tappen, BC

Creating award winning fiber and yarn from our heritage Romney and Corriedale sheep and Angora goats

Yarn - Corriedale mohair grey worsted 113 grams

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Corriedale, mohair worsted weight yarn natural grey color



Grey Corriedale mohair yarn 70/30 soft and strong with a natural luster and sheen.

Comes in creamy white and natural grey no dyes added

Min 205 yards 113 grams 2-ply woolen spun worsted  weight

Corriedale mohair blend yarn is Disdero Ranch raised and mill spun in Alberta. Our Corriedale sheep flock and our Angora goat herd that produces mohair are both Heritage breeds and are on the Canadian Conservation list as critical and endangered so we are sharing in the conservation of these wonderful breeds.

Additional information

Weight 113 g
Dimensions 40 × 14 × 14 cm
Test Attribute

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Another Test Value

fdsaklngr gfd bgrth fgf dhb gfd ghf


70% Wool, 30% Mohair