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Barriere, BC Canada      

Creating award-winning fibre and yarn from our heritage Romney, Corriedale, and CVM/Romeldale sheep as well as Angora goats


On Disdero Ranch, our Angora goats are busy growing mohair and clearing brush.

Angoras are a horned goat in both sexes that originated in what is currently known as Turkey dating back to 1451 BC. They were introduced into the United States in 1849 and were breeding in Canada by 1918.

The Angora goat is renowned for its warm and lustrous mohair coat. It is soft and durable and referred to as “nature’s nylon” because of its strength.  Here at the ranch our Angoras grow ringlet fleeces in all the natural colours – from black to silvery grey, white, brown, and red.  Their yield of fibre is high with two clippings a year.  The does usually give birth to a single kid a year and, infrequently, twin and triplet kid births. Their charming, curious, and playful personalities give us at least one good laugh a day.

Angora goats, however, are a delicate domesticated animal. They are also extremely delicate at birth. Because of their declining numbers in Canada, the Angora goat is a rare breed considered “vulnerable” on the Rare Breeds Canada guide. At Disdero Ranch, we are putting our efforts into supporting a complex and interconnected biodiversity through conservation. It keeps Earth healthy and is creating the most wonderful fibre!

Check out our shop for raw mohair locks (both white and coloured) as well as a variety of mohair blended yarns.

Interesting Fact!
The fleece taken from an Angora goat is called mohair. A single goat produces between four and five kilograms of hair per year. –Wikipedia