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We have a variety of livestock breeding stock and natural products for sale at any time. Availability is constantly changing, so if there isn’t information on the product or animal you are interested in below, please contact us


Great Pyrenees Guardian puppies
Corriedale Sheep
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The following Disdero Ranch all natural colored yarns are available now. The worsted spun yarns are Fibreshed as the sheep and goats are raised in the North Thompson Valley in BC. The fiber is then  processed at a fiber mill in Kamloops, BC. The woolen spun yarns are from sheep and goats raised at Disdero Ranch and milled in Alberta.   …. prices dependent upon weight…

Romney mohair blend 80/20

Romney mohair blend worsted spun yarn  80/20, lace, fingering 2 ply, various natural colors

Corriedale mohair blend

Corriedale mohair blend yarn, worsted spun 70/30, lace, fingering, DK, Sport 2 ply

Romney yarn

Romney yarn

100% soft woolen spun medium to bulky, white and colored Romney yarn 2 ply 4 oz min 141 yards

Corriedale mohair blend

Corriedale mohair blend yarn, woolen spun 70/30, worsted weight  2 ply 4 oz min 205 yards